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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HSC safe?

Let our clients speak on our behalf: Discord Reviews, our previous Shop Reviews.

How HSC works?

After payment completed, you will automatically instantly receive an username and a password of the account/s. Keep in mind NFA = Not Full Access ~ FA = Full Access (FA is always specified, rest is NFA) Only for VALORANT Section: Skins Chromas and Levels are automatically counted as different Skins!

Can I pay with PayPal/Credit/Debit Card etc.?

Yes, we offer any type of payment method, for support ask in Live Chat or join Discord.

What is the Status of HSC-Cheats? Are they Safe to use?

HSC-Cheats are up-to-date 24/7, automatically weekly updated. After each Valorant new patch it takes 1-2 hours for us to update it. They are 100% Safe to use otherwise they would not be for sale. Once you buy HSC-Cheats you will receive an invate to a private Discord Server.

What is an Inactive account?

Inactive costs more since it has lifetime warranty. If the account has no longer been used or for a while it's described as inactive.

Are account/s shared? Why is it so cheap?

No. At HSC, Every sold account is removed from our data. It's SO cheap because we are the best since Valorant was in BETA on 2019. Please check proofs Reviews.

Can I change email/password of the accounts?

Yes, if the account is listed as FA. If it is not listed as FA we will provide replacements. Inactive accounts have lifetime warranty.

Do we offer warranty/refunds?

Yes we do offer 24 Warranty + any type of compensation if required. Please contact us on Live Chat or Discord to receive support.

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